- Make a change, start with yourself -

Since 2007, Michaela Karásková has been the owner and managing director of the company KNO Česko.

She primarily holds the position of consultant in the field of education and employee development. With representatives of the company's personnel departments, he sets up and proposes educational activities aimed at developing soft skills. He specializes in consulting focused on corporate culture, management communication, teamwork, customer service, sales representatives and human resources. She carefully selects from a team of experienced lecturers, so that she always meets the expectations of both training participants and the client.

As a lecturer, she focuses on effective communication, customer service and sales skills.

In 2017, KNO Slovensko took over and thus, together with a team of Slovak lecturers, also focuses on the Slovak market.

A process that is focused on self-answers with a focus on solutions, not problems.
Coaching consists of sessions that have their own regularity and coaches always use the same structure because neuroscience research proves that the brain needs certainty. If the coachee knows what to expect from each session, they are much better able to focus on what they are learning and what they need to do to achieve their goals, instead of thinking about what will happen next

As coaches, we will help you make lasting positive changes by improving the quality of your thinking.

  • 2014 - graduated from the lecturer skills program: "Specialized lecturer training" from Facilita CZ.
  • 2016 - completed the Brain Based Coach, Results Coaching System™ intensive training coaching program with NeuroLeadershipGroup.
  • 2020 - received ACC Coach certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

The coach allows the coachee to think about the facts they are currently dealing with in peace and with full concentration. He may have already tried a lot of options and variants and he still does not manage to solve the problem, or on the contrary, he does not have the opportunity to deal with the solution under the pressure of work.

Sometimes the issues people deal with are hard to describe. The coach will help them orient themselves in the situation, set steps and determine individual activities suitable from his point of view for solving. At the same time, it can be a guide when making decisions or setting goals.

Cooperation can take place in the form of one-off one-hour meetings on a selected topic for those who are familiar with coaching.

For everyone, I recommend meeting with a coach over the course of 3-6 months at least. 10 meetings, so that the changes that the coachee introduces in the way of thinking under the guidance of the coach are sustainable in the long term.

Michaela Karásková, ACC Coach